The Making of Justin Wolfe

June 15, 2021

Justin Wolfe is the main character in the book, Optimizing America. In the book, Justin is reluctantly running for president. He is reluctant because he knows there is a big price to pay for being scrutinized by both the media and opposition research. Presidential elections always come down to a choice between two seemingly poor candidates- the choice between two evils. Justin cleverly analyzes the last few presidents for flaws as a way to shield himself from scrutiny.

George W. Bush talked about being a compassionate conservative. Justin Wolfe is more then just compassionate. His ideas will actually make lives better. Justin believes that compassion is not an accomplishment; it’s a mindset. Justin is not motivated to help those that are excluded, but to change the system so everyone is included.

The Making of Justin Wolfe
The Making of Justin Wolfe

“We need the economy to produce so many opportunities that a status like ‘minority’, ‘migrant’ or even ‘illegal’ is irrelevant, because we will all be too busy chasing our dreams while working together.”Justin Wolfe

Barrack Obama talked about change you could believe in. However, there was little change to talk about after eight years. Justin knows that talk is cheap, he knows what has to be done, not just the talk of change, but the ideas that create the changes that are needed.
“The economy might seem like a free market, a force of nature but its built from basic assumptions that nobody has challenged and its time to challenge these assumptions.”Justin Wolfe

Donald Trump is constantly worried about his brand, it makes us all squirm as he tries to exaggerate his accomplishments and capabilities into something he just isn’t. However, for people who voted for Donald Trump never hearing him apologize or admitting mistakes means that their decision to support him will never be wrong either. Justin works with ideas, he talks about ideas and he works hard to make them a reality. Justin believes his greatness will be measured by how far his ideas go, not how many retweets he gets. Justin knows that ideas live and die by truth and you can’t lie an idea into reality. Trump may have his followers but he will only be able to tear things down with lies and he will never build things with ideas that make the world better.

“Ideas, inventions and innovation are essential for our world to get better. They do not become a reality through desire, wishing or wanting. They only happen after trial and tribulation with the truth. It takes a 100% commitment to truth to build a better world.”Justin Wolfe

Justin is 46 years old, he is not married and has no children. He is a self made billionaire who built and sold several technology companies. Today, he is the owner of a professional sports team. He has also written a book about economics called the Big Solution.