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Shining a new light on America’s financial future

What if there was another way to live and organize our society? What if there was a way to think about and use money that would encourage entrepreneurship and competition instead of manipulation and exploitation? What if we could create a more equitable society for all people? In his latest book, The Big Solution, Jarl Jensen considers these questions in an extensive round table-style discussion-based narrative, ultimately revealing an entirely new societal system that can change the world as we know it.

Jarl Jensen / Revolutionary Entrepreneur

Big picture thinking with tangible results

Jarl Jensen is not only asking the questions that people are afraid to bring up, he is finding big solutions. A medical patent holder who’s translated sales into the billions, Jensen is an innovator driven by real-world results.

Jarl Jensen Headshot
The Big Solution book cover

The Big Solution

Jarl Jensen’s The Big Solution proposes a pro-capitalist future that socialists will embrace. It details a future that centers social justice and individual liberty, and exacts environmental justice with market-based incentives. Far from straddling sociopolitical lines, Jensen’s system seeks unity, and offers the promise of a better life for all.

Jensen’s Big Solution doesn’t merely have the potential to fix all that’s wrong with society, it endeavors to do so in an equitable way that ensures everyone wins.

The Big Solution, offers a more efficient use of capital, and ultimately, a new way to guarantee the liberty of people.


Jarl Jensen is a free thinker who is inspiring audiences across the country with his message of possibility for the future of the American economy. Unlike any idea that’s come before it, Jarl Jensen’s Big Solution is a unifying theory of financial and personal liberty for all—if we’re willing to do what it takes.