BlueSky Entrepreneurialism: How To Solve The World’s Problems

May 5, 2022

Why do we often expect someone else – government agencies or some other large nebulous body – to have the answers and ability to solve all the world’s issues? After all, many of us tend to have strong opinions on any number of hot button topics from world hunger and healthcare to climate change. What if we all stopped waiting for someone else to do it? What if smart, capable, innovative individuals and organizations were motivated to leverage their resources to solve these problems?

BlueSky Markets – What Are They?

That’s just what the concept of BlueSky entrepreneurialism proposes. BlueSky markets seek to take these big problems out of the government’s hands and put them in the hands of all those entrepreneurs who will emerge as a result of these exchanges. The idea being that money would be issued directly to fund commodity exchanges that effectively solve these big problems.

The purpose of these projects wouldn’t be to create money just to keep people surviving; they would create money for the purpose of fixing what is broken and making a more sustainable, stable, and compelling future. The impact of these solutions would create a self-supporting cycle that would benefit society in such a freeing and motivating way – regardless of the cause addressed.

How Would This Really Work?

One example of a solvable problem that urgently needs solving is, of course, global warming. In this case, businesses would bid on the exchange to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. Money that is not debt based, taken directly from the Federal Reserve, would pay the lowest bidder to remove the CO2. How much CO2 to remove could now be controlled by entrepreneurs who figure out how to remove the most for the lowest cost. Competition for profits would compel entrepreneurs to figure out how to do it efficiently and effectively. The amount of money used to buy CO2 in the exchange could slowly increase if prices are too high and quickly increase as prices come down. This kind of mechanism means global warming becomes solvable.

How does this happen, just to be clear? Through the creation of special commodities exchanges, where the buyer of the removal of pollutants is money from the general ledger of money at the Federal Reserve. Imagine all that becomes possible in such a scenario. Now there is actual money and incentive to remove plastics from the oceans and nature, take acid out of the oceans, create fisheries in the middle of oceans (where there are no fish currently), save forests and plant trees, the possibilities are endless. The same approach could be just effective for challenges faces our healthcare system, or disease research and management.

Consider what could happen when we properly fund and incentivize businesses to pursue the common good; it benefits everyone. The Big Solution to our global financial mess recognizes the importance of a social fabric that takes care of everyone. Market strategies like BlueSky entrepreneurialism can help business naturally navigate toward the common good while still making a profit.

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