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Jarl Jensen

Jarl Jensen / President of Inventagon / Author

Jarl Jensen is the Founder and President of Inventagon, a company creating simpler research and development solutions for organizations across the globe. Jarl holds patents for medical technologies that have enjoyed sales over one-billion dollars. His success led him to chair several organizations including New Jersey’s YPO chapter, and found EuroMed, Inc., a company he sold in 2016. But this success is just a part of Jarl’s story.

Jarl sees the broken systems around us—the inequality and the propping up of a failed status quo—and seeks solutions. Since 2017, Jarl has been writing books that have topped best-seller lists and changed the discourse surrounding the economy, society, and our shared future.

His vision, direction, and purpose bleed onto every page he writes. Jarl’s philosophy is rooted in the cold, hard facts that led us here yet he proposes a path forward that is supremely optimistic.

Having received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Boston University, Jarl’s strategies are not simply pie-in-the-sky ideas, they are analytical, detailed, and aimed boldly at creating solutions in our lifetime.

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